Griffin Communications provides broadcast quality to every project we create. We have been in business since 1982, serving our national and international broadcast clients.

In recent years we have turned our attention to the corporate world of communications and internet design. We feel with our extensive background we now have more to offer our clients than ever.

We have created many major projects for corporations through out the United States. Corporate Imaging, How to Training Video's as well as, Public Relations Video's.

Such as a video that is used to explain the companies position on certain issues,such as new product's or equipment purchases.

These projects range between $10,000.00 and $ 60,000.00 and up, and takes sometimes several weeks up to several months, depending on how in depth the project may be.

We write the scripts, we hire all the talent, we are responsible for shooting or acquiring, all the video footage needed.

Designing the graphics and animation and the finish editing of the product to deliver a complete turn-key project to our client's.

We bid each project individually, once we have a chance to sit down and talk with our client and find out their needs.

We come up with a puliminary budget.

Our Terms are: We require half of the money on these projects down and the remaining upon completion.

The bid will include all expenses.

We have prepared an outline on how to get your projects started.


( How to Start ) 


Normally in a project such as these the client only owns the finished master.

All field tapes an animation or owned by Griffin Communications.

Should the client want to use this footage for any other project. As long as Griffin Communications, is the production company, there will be no additional charges for this material. If the client wants to use our images with another video company additional charges may occur.

We encourage multiple uses for the images that we create.

Thanks to the development of computers and digital technology most anything we create can be used for many other purposes, besides the original use they were intended for.