To Whom It May Concern;

I am very please to give a resounding letter of recommendation to Griffin Communications. Over the past 4 years, Perrier has done substantial work in developing training programs for our employees and our customers. We needed to develop targeted video presentations, which allowed our employees to understand the quality processes Perrier practices from Spring development to manufacturing and distribution. Also, these videos needed to be a sales tool for our customers and their customers who buy our products. A difficult task given the scope of our business and the need to hold costs in line for such an effort. In fact, earlier efforts to develop video productions with other companies led to cost overruns and moreover, led to projects which didn't make the mark in terms of getting message across.

When I came upon Griffin Communications, I laid out my requirements of the the job. First, I needed them to be flexible with our company, as we don't have a professional staff dedicated to video productions. Second, we needed them to act as editors and producers of the projects, assisting us in all phases of shooting. Third, we needed them to add something special to the video. And finally, I needed the completed effort to come in on the budget target. The efforts and the job which Griffin Communications delivered not only met our needs, they exceeded them.

In a most recent video production from the company, the level of sophistication employed and interwoven into the project astounded me. The idea was bold. Put together a video, which combined mountainous terrain, production plant footage, personal interviews, animation and music. Make it flow together, keep viewer interest, teach and sell. And make it representative of our national efforts. Needless to say, it accomplished all this. They say that the sign of a good movie is whether you want to see it a second time, and for training and sales purposes it does just that. These videos have become a highly requested item within our company.

I heartily endorse Griffin Communications for any enterprise seeking a video production company that has the experience, practicality and insight necessary to get the job done right.



Kevin Mathews
Director of Quality Services
Perrier Group of America, Greenwich, CT.
203-863-0384 Off. 203-863-0401 Fax.