I, David Griffin, and my Partners Keith Kjornes,

and Bill Edward's decided to make a film.


Producer, Let me tell you about Bill Edward's. Mr. Bill has been a friend of mine for the last ten years, and he was out of work at the time we shot Bob.When I met Bill he was servicing air machines at 7-11's all over Texas, and had some free time on his hands.

Bill had always been interested in the film and video business and he had a special talent. Bill is a promoter and he certainly knows how to put on a party. I mean a really Big party with literally thousands of people. He heads up a group of hard core partier's known as "The Fly Killer's".

Bill was responsible for Polly's being in Cheap Thrill's. Bill realized that we needed a woman that could be deflaited. The actress that played the part of Polly, is the only one that has received any money for Bob so far anyway. Polly would not let us use her real name anywhere in our advertising and shortly after our filming. She disappeared from Dallas, and has never been seen since. So, if you run into Polly, anywhere tell her, to call us! We are ready to shoot " Bob's Cheap Thrill's Two".

Writer/Director, Keith Kjornes. Keith and I met through a film company that has since gone defunked. Not an unfamilar story in the Dallas, area. He truly is one of those writer's who secretly wants to be a movie star. When we first met Keith was driving a pick-up around with enough chemicals to kill half the bugs in Dallas. When Keith wrote Slobbering Bob, he was a professional already. A professional exterminator. I swear it's all those fumes, he keeps inhaling.

A couple of years after the filming of Bob. I was instrumental in Keith's getting a job for one of the lower budget film houses and I am sure he is still cussing me for it.

But you can catch Keith's next performance in a Brent McCormick's new film called "Replactor". Keith has again, finished the script and picked up the grease paint. All I know is that I hope to sell more Bob's than Keith does Replactor's.

The Post House where we were editing Cheap Thrill's. A story all in it's self. On the verge of bankrupcy, the post house made us one hell of a deal. After viewing Bob, you will see why this post house was in trouble. As the bank was arriving at the front of the office to foreclose on the place. A loyal follower of Bob's was letting us into the back door, to pick-up our tapes. Just in the nick of time, you might say.

Cinematographer, David Griffin is a well known camera and sound man in the Dallas area. He was bored and tried of waiting for the phone to ring. Realizing that he had several bazaar friends who all wanted to do a movie. Well, here it is. Hope you like it. Whatever you do don't steal or bootleg this video. Why, did we do it? Someone told us we could make money. I often wonder if any of them knew what they were talking about. I use this as my demo reel. I would love to help you with your corporate video or training film or maybe you to have a great idea for a movie.

She-Mob, was among many 35mm canisters found in a Dallas, warehouse in the Deep Elm area, in about 1990. We searched the library of congress for any copy write or ownership papers for this film. There were none, we where told by some of the old-timers. In the mid 60's there was a group of film makers traveling through the south making low budget T & A , B film's. many of these film makers did not use their real names, due to the laws at the time making it illegal to produce movies like She-Mob And it should have been. But, this was made in Dallas, in the mid 60's is our best guess.


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