Welcome to GriffinCommunications Image Gallery

We have collected thousands of images over the years for your enjoyment.

These images were captured using a multiple aray of formats.

The bulk was shot in 35mm, but there is 6/45 format and 4x5 as well.

Since 2000, we switched to more digital formats.

If you enjoy our still photo's wait until you see our video collection.

We have 100s of hours of professionally shot video using broadcast equipment, as well as super 8 16mm film. That will be offered in the near future. So, please don't forget to check back later.

At this time we only except payment via PayPal, Cashiers Checks

and Money Orders.




We are also looking for other photographer's/artists that are need a place to display their work, without having to create their own gallery. If you think you maybe interested please contact us for the particular's.

Photo Services:

We also offer a complete line of photographic services,

if you like what you see. We can photograph or video your events.