Maxwell Guesthouse NM

521 Tenaja Ave.  Maxwell NM, 87728


Request for Interview for Maxwell Guesthouse, Real Estate in NM.

I'm making a documentary. Let me make it quite clear I'm not trying to hire anyone for anything.

I'm not asking any government official to start investigation.

I am simply looking for your comment on Real estate matters in Northeast New Mexico.

Below you'll find my experience and I am looking for your comment on

those experiences. And any experiences you may have had.

This documentary will be offered to PBS here in New Mexico as well as national.
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform that

I can pose or sale a 30-minute documentary.

The interview can be done in person, one on one it can be done over a speakerphone.

Also we use Skype and Face Time. You can make a written

statement with a photograph that I'll have the narrator read.

You can participate in many ways or not it all. It won't be the first time

I've heard No Comment. I have 27 years in the newsgathering business

working for all the major networks. (ABC New, CBS, NBC, BBC, and CBC.)

Thank you for your time


David P Griffin

On this page you will find many of the documents (PDF) that Described in the open request

To the Village Maxwell, Which explains what's going on!


To whom it may concern

Quest Realty, LLC 

632 South 2st. Raton, NM  87740

Cell phone: (719) 623-7570 <qre@bacavalley.com>
To: Village Of Maxwell, NM
PO Box 356 / 316 MAXWELL, NM 87728

D&R_F Payon 521

521 Tenaja Maxwell NM Tax_Rountree

Title Servies Raton NM

Filing a complaint against a real estate broker

email_to Ronda_fome Cindy

The story What happened to us in New Mexico

The Rental Agreement Own 521 Tenaja Maxwell NM

email to Buy 521Tenaja, Maxwell NM

My last payment and noticed to leave October 1, 20018

Property owned by Qwest Realty?


Pamela L. Seneff, Home Associates, Inc.


Emails to Pam Wednesday, September 12 2018

Inspection Report - 711 Vermejo Ave.pdf

Property Disclosure Doc 711Vermejo

This disclosure agreement Was signed Two & half years ago?

Authenti sign Certificate

711Vermejo Purchase Agreement Residential Resale


Lawsuits against Zillow.com

Check your address: Zillow lists false foreclosures


$81M lawsuit claims Zillow illegally scrapes real estate listing pics - The American Genius Real Estate

Zillow ends its dumb legal crusade against McMansion Hell blogger - The Verge

Zillow Execs Face Shareholder Suit on Enforcement Threat

Zillow slapped with infringement lawsuit over ‘Rental Manager’ tool

Zillow Vs "CFPB"

Zillow wins dismissal of 'Zestimate' lawsuit in U.S.

Zillow vs. Realtor.com/ The gloves come off in online real estate



Inspection of Public Records

Inspection of Public Records Compliance Guide 2015

To the Village of Maxwell #1

To the Village of Maxwell #2

To the New Mexico Secretary of State

Mailing Address:
New Mexico Secretary of State
State Capitol North Annex, Suite 300
Santa Fe, NM  87503

To the Mexico Border Real estate


To the New Mexico Attorney General

Records Custodian
New Mexico Attorney General’s Office
PO Drawer 1508
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508
Fax: (505) 717-3600




If you can help in anyway Donations always appreciated




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