Making a video for corporate or commercial use is not as easy as it sounds. Knowing which video production company is right for your needs can be confusing.

Here is a list of some important information that should be in place prior to approaching any production company for more information or a bid.

1. Who is your audience? Are you wanting to make an inter-office instructional tape or is it for a sales reps. field training or a hand out sales tool?

2. What is the message you wish to convey? Decide what your message is. Keep it straight forward and to the point. Too many messages in one video can confuse the audience.

Note: Do you have more than one message to give? Then mention all of the messages to the production company in the beginning. It is possible to film several messages on the same day, which will save staff time and money should you decided to do a series of videos. But, understand they are separate issues and will have to be addressed one at a time.

3. What is the best medium for your message? Do not limit yourself to a video. Depending on your message, a CD-Rom, Audio Cassette and web pages can be just as effective as video tape and less expensive. We work in all formats and will be happy to assist you in choosing and making a product that suits your needs.

4. Do you have a script or outline of your video? If you are not sure about writing a script yourself, then an out line or a list of what information you want to include in the video. We will match you up with a writer that would best suit your needs. But, you still need a clear idea of where you want to go and how you want it to look. Then the writer can help you get there.

Note: If you should hire a writer they will have to make several site consultation days, please make your companies best people available to the writer, don't send the writer off to junior personnel just because your more senior officers are busy running the business. Put your best foot forward.

5. Have you set a budget? Producing a video is not cheap. Allow for a little room over your budget for incidentals. Often during the project additions or changes will come up. Changing up what has already been shot is easy to do. Adding unfilmed material in will add unexpected expenses to your projects budget. That's why an outline of the project is so important.

6. How long do you want this project to run? Clients often want their video to be long because the process is so expensive, they want to get their monies worth. To get the most for your dollar and to really grab the viewer's attention, however, you should cut down the time and the message. This is where we come in. We will suggest a length time which is determined by the script and the number of scene changes. And images needed to deliver the visual message.


We hope this list of to do's will help us to help you with your multi-media needs. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. We would love the opportunity to bid on your project.

Griffin Communications is capable of producing in all multimedia formats according to our clients needs.

Thank you.