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Wildflowers are very beautiful everywhere I go I see them so I would photograph them. Some flowers are from Texas and some are from the Middle East the flowers in this book are from all over the world.

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Beaches where I go I always find a beautiful beach in this e-book you will find photographs of beaches from New Zealand to the Caribbean and right here in South Texas Galveston Island.

Beaches and the people you go to the beaches are just wonderful. Were the ocean meets the land is a special place to be enjoyed by all

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EB003 Parks. One of our favorite thing is to is go to parks we go to city Parks, County Parks and national Parks. Stain living in a park side for a couple days is something that’s just incredible. I highly recommend you to take out this book to see some really gorgeous sites. There’s nothing like our park system. And we need to protected the Parks at all cost.

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eB004-Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas 1980s it was quite acidic the photographs will find in this e-book was taken downtown around town like and people I knew in the Dallas area the timeframe is 1980 to 1990.

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eB005-Houston TX

Houston Texas 1972s working in OIL patch during his heyday was a lot of fun. Houston Texans at the same time was a growing community pain out in the Montrose area 100 to 1000 block of West timer was a quite interesting. In time and it still is today.

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eB006-Travel, CBS news

While working for CBS news I had a great opportunity to travel and see you many things in this e-book you will find photographs of behind-the-scenes a few stories of what’s going on and what was happening but mostly photographs that tell how the men and women of CBS news work hard.

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eB007-Beirut part one:  Working in Beirut Lebanon during the 80s it was quite a time. This was the first time I had ever been out of the country for any length of time.  I had never been in the Middle East before I would often go walking around with my camera taking photographs. I had no idea just how dangerous this was people would stop me and ask Yeah, what do you think you are doing or you cannot be walking in these neighborhoods with gestures to the camera. Yes I was doing it all the time little did I know that I could easily spent years in prison or be held for ransom. 

Working for CBS News in Lebanon during the early 80s was quite an adventure. I got to meet great people like Larry Pentax, Bob Simon and, many, many more. I was there for almost 2 ½ years.  This book is a testimony of everyday life in Beirut during those troubled times.


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EB021 Dark Side of a Good City

The city of Austin, what a great place to live! There are so many things to see and do. Like all cities there is a dark side, we pay a price for this great city we live in, the price we pay is our city Council and decisions they make that we disagree with. Channel Austin a nonprofit 501-C3 that has a contract with the city of Austin, to provide management services for the public access channels. The main purpose for channel Austin is freedom of speech but don't let the speech be about Channel Austin's or their illegal acts; they just do not have a sense of humor, when your pointing out their criminal activities. Here is a little of the history of Public Access in the city of Austin.

The Public Access program is over 35 years old and was the 1st Public Access program in the nation and one of the most neglected city services. The city neglected this program for years while the previous director of public access embezzled over $350,000.

This started shortly after Rondella Hawkins took over the office of Telecommunications &

Regulatory Affairs Manager since April of 2001. From 2001, to 2004 the theft of city funds by Austin Community Television Executive Director John Villarreal, was ramped. The citizens would complain loudly about what was going on at the public access channels and it fell on deaf ears. Then, even after there were indictments the city simply let the contract expired so PACT could take over management of the public access channels. Their job was to clean up the mess made by the city and the previous administration. Now it was time for a new team to take over and try to clean up this situation. That's when I was hired as equipment manager. My name is David P. Griffin, I have over 20 years working for every major television network. In my career I have seen many things, political campaigns, War's, the Branch Dravidians in Waco, and covered many stories about corruption in city politics. But nothing prepared me for working at Public Access Community Television. So the process of overhauling the access center, started and we got off to a great start.

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EB020-Three Short Stories by David P Griffin.

These are three short stories written at different times.

The first one is who’s watching over you at night, story about a weekend Clark working at the only convenient store out by Lake Travis.

Hey tow tail story about telling boats on Lake Travis and Lake Austin in the adventures you will have.

And finally letters to the boys this is a letter I sent to my two boys that I haven’t seen in 20 years the kind of things that boys need to know when growing up but because I was divorced and the mother move them halfway across the country these things are never said.

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Completed video projects.

These are tapes that are completed corporate video projects.

eB010-Dresser Atlas Oilfield

Dresser Atlas, oilfield service company, during the 60s 70s and 80s oral field service companies were everywhere now there’s just one in you all for the name Halliburton. Before Halliburton was such agglomerated many will fill service companies like restaurant mysteries where I grew up working and grew up as a child my father spent 20 years working for the wall company and I spent five years. I received my five year pin last paycheck in the same week it was 1984 in the oil business was going in the toilet.


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eB011-Nude beaches

Contains nudity Must be 18 or over

Every time I go to the beach the first instinct is the Paul my clothes off. I found I’m not the only one with that problem. Beaches all over the world people love to show off. Show what they have admired with that like to have. Everyone has to have a hockey so they noted beaches taking photographs of pretty women was, hobby I had.


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eB012-Hippie Hollow

Contains nudity Must be 18 or over

Hippie Hollow State Park, Travis County just outside of Austin, Texas, the only nude public beach in the state of Texas.

I’ve been traveling to this beach for many years just like many other people have who come from all over the state just to hangout at hippie Hollow there truly is no place like it anywhere else in the state


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eB013-Mardi Gras, Austin Texas

Contains nudity Must be 18 or over

Monty Graw is celebrated in Texas just like New Orleans from Galveston Texas to Six Street in Austin Texas. These photographs were taken during Mardi Gras. I don’t know what it is women just cannot keep their breasts under their clothes this is a terrible thing and I had the photograph to show everybody what happens at Mardi Gras Austin Texas 6th 2002.


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eB014-Around AustinTX

Austin Texas is a great place to make photographs to hang out to live. Here’s some photographs around Austin some businesses and places you’ll recognize some are gone some are not.


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eB015-Famous People

Famous people, I’m not sure what makes him famous or why their special but the photographs in this e-book will show you people that you probably will recognize. I had the opportunity to be in the room was so many great people at different times during my career. You do not get to really know these people but you get to meet them get to be in the same room and you understand they’re just like any other person but history is set them aside has made them special and just because you’re in the same room with them well in Canada makes you special to.


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eB016-Black and white Volume 1

:  Black and white photography was my true first passion I have studied it I have worked in a dark room professionally I’ve own multiple cameras and spent thousands of dollars learning how to take black-and-white photographs in these books you’ll find not how to photograph but enjoying what you photograph. Because the only reason we make these beautiful photographs is to share them with other people who enjoy the beauty of composition black and white and the art of being at the right place at the right time.


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EB 022  The Free Recall From Hell:

On December 7, 2015 I took my KIA Sorento (2011) into this dealership to check into a recall letter I had received. There was nothing wrong with my car at the time. But, the letter they sent scared me into thinking I should at least have the issue looked at. The recall was for SC124 Transmission Gear Shift Lever
When I took my car in there was nothing wrong with it. I just was not sure if I needed to have it replaced anyway or not. They replaced at that time.

(See RR KIA Invoice Number K1Cs56146)
I noticed at the time when I went to leave the dealership I was not able to move the car out of park. I thought I must have started the car incorrectly so I turned everything off and tried it again and it shifted. I drove it home and parked it. I am retired 68 year old woman living strictly on SS 750.00 per month. No IRAs or other funds available. I only drive the car a few times per month to go to the grocery store and occasionally the hardware store. So it had been sitting in the drive for several days before we began to find other things wrong that were working fine before I went to the dealership.

Then suddenly just before New Year’s Eve. The shifter would not come out of park. I contacted the KIA dealership again to tell them I could no longer shift my car from park to drive it.

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EB018-Old buildings

Old building old places, traveling around you get it opportunity going to many old and abandoned buildings towns cities you name it. When mankind is finished was something there is usually not a whole lot left. Old and abandoned buildings make great photographs: one reason you’re surprised to see how quickly it can deteriorate.


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Contains nudity Must be 18 or over

Eyesore’s birthday party is not just a comic book but a reason for women to come around smoke pot beat on the drums and show their breasts. Austin Texas has this festival every spring is a lot of fun and anyone who’s never been to your birthday party should always attend with the smaller face a whole bunch of cookies and snacks in their eye open for beauty. This is not like any festival of ever been to and I’ve been to a lot of festivals enjoy.


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