EB 022  The Free Recall From Hell: 

On December 7, 2015 I took my KIA Sorento (2011) into this dealership to check into a recall letter I had received.

There was nothing wrong with my car at the time.

But, the letter they sent scared me into thinking I should at least have the issue looked at.

The recall was for SC124 Transmission Gear Shift Lever When I took my car in there was nothing wrong with it.

I just was not sure if I needed to have it replaced anyway or not. They replaced at that time.

(See RR KIA Invoice Number K1Cs56146)

I noticed at the time when I went to leave the dealership I was not able to

move the car out of park. I thought I must have started the car incorrectly so

I turned everything off and tried it again and it shifted.

I drove it home and parked it. I am retired 68 year old woman living strictly on SS 750.00 per month.

No IRAs or other funds available. I only drive the car a few times per month

to go to the grocery store and occasionally the hardware store.

So it had been sitting in the drive for several days before we began to

find other things wrong that were working fine before I went to the dealership.

Then suddenly just before New Year’s Eve. The shifter would not come out of park.

I contacted the KIA dealership again to tell them I could no longer shift my car from park to drive it.



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