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EB021 Dark Side of a Good City The city of Austin, what a great place to live! There are so many things to see and do. Like all cities there is a dark side, we pay a price for this great city we live in, the price we pay is our city council and decisions they make that we disagree with. Channel Austin a nonprofit 501-C3 that has a contract with the city of Austin, to provide management services for the public access channels. The main purpose for channel Austin is freedom of speech but don't let the speech be about Channel Austin's or their illegal acts; they just do not have a sense of humor, when your pointing out their criminal activities. Here is a little of the history of Public Access in the city of Austin.

The Public Access program is over 35 years old and was the 1st Public Access program in the nation and one of the most neglected city services. The city neglected this program for years while the previous director of public access embezzled over $350,000.

This started shortly after Rondella Hawkins took over the office of Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs Manager since April of 2001. From 2001, to 2004 the theft of city funds by Austin Community Television Executive Director John Villarreal, was ramped. The citizens would complain loudly about what was going on at the public access channels and it fell on deaf ears. Then, even after there were indictments the city simply let the contract expired so PACT could take over management of the public access channels. Their job was to clean up the mess made by the city and the previous administration.

Now it was time for a new team to take over and try to clean up this situation. That's when I was hired as equipment manager. My name is David P. Griffin; I have over 20 years working for every major television network. In my career I have seen many things, political campaigns, War's, the Branch Dravidians in Waco, and covered many stories about corruption in city politics. But nothing prepared me for working at Public Access Community Television. So the process of overhauling the access center, started and we got off to a great start.

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